The President-Elect of the US Just Agreed to Settle a Fraud Case for $25 Million

Why isn’t this the top story everywhere?
11/20/16 7:46:57 pm
re: #383 Grunthos the Flatulent I feel guilty cause I laughed.

You have to wonder why this isn’t front page news in every newspaper and on every cable news channel in America. It seems, well, kind of important that a president-elect who publicly swore he’d never settle this case just agreed to pay $25 million freaking dollars to settle a …

Trump Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon Is a Fan of Satan. Yes, Really.

And other evil villains
11/18/16 7:04:16 pm
re: #248 thedopefishlives It would depend on the distance. Nuking something out around the orbit of Mars would not affect us much, because of the inverse square law. Waiting till the asteroid got closer would be dangerous, but not because ...