Horrifying Scenes From Texas A&M as White Supremacist Richard Spencer Praises Donald Trump

477Joe Bacon 🌹
12/07/16 1:02:23 pm
re: #399 darthstar Not everyone did...

I’ll present these short videos without comment, except to note that this speech by a white supremacist was applauded by more than a few of the people in this room. UPDATE at 12/6/16 8:07:06 pm by Charles Johnson Richard Spencer’s appearance at Texas A&M draws protests. UPDATE at 12/6/16 …

Donald Trump Tweets Another Falsehood, Causes Boeing’s Stock to Plunge

Days since Trump last embarrassed America: zero
12/06/16 3:44:07 pm
re: #234 Myron Falwell (no relation) plunderbund.com has kept a good running tally of Kasich's bullshit (also a pretty good bead on DeWine--double ugh). When I hear people singing Kasich's praises, I have to go read there for awhile to ...