Sunday Night Fusion: The Funky Knuckles, “Me Too”

314Barefoot Grin
12/12/16 11:59:48 am
re: #295 mmmirele I'll have to read it. I went to a lecture a couple years ago (can't remember the guy's name) wherein he argued that slaveowners were growing slaves as a product once they could no longer be imported ...

These guys remind me of the Brecker Brothers. Seriously excellent.

It Gets Worse: Twitter Didn’t Suspend White Supremacist Richard Spencer for Spreading Hatred

Neo-Nazis are apparently OK with Twitter
12/12/16 1:21:41 pm
re: #127 compound_Idaho The Trump fan is now giving lectures on character? Are you kidding me? Do you have NO sense of irony whatsoever? You've supported a man with absolutely zero character to be president. And how is the anonymity ...