Electoral College Rubber-Stamps the Election of the Tiny-Fisted Fascist

12/20/16 10:50:56 am
re: #329 Backwoods_Sleuth He's white, he gets a free pass.

Couldn’t post this earlier today because it’s too depressing, but today the Electoral College voted to put the worst president-elect in my memory in charge of the United States. I expected this, because the Electoral College has become a meaningless rubber stamp, instead of the safeguard against the election …

Trump’s Pick for Budget Director: A Far Right Congressman Tied to the John Birch Society

Trump puts a guy in charge of the budget who spoke to a group that wants to return to the Gold Standard
12/19/16 4:35:45 pm
re: #384 allegro Just saw this comment closing out reading... Thank You! Think of how many people that say they aren't going to vote in a deeply red state because their vote doesn't count. And how many who might say ...