Bill O’Reilly: “The Left Wants Power Taken Away From the White Establishment”

Fox News: Number one with racists for a reason
411Jebediah, RBG
12/21/16 12:13:02 pm
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It’s really out in the open now. Fox News tweeted this white supremacist sentiment from their leading gasbag as if it’s no big deal. But it is a big deal. The white supremacist right wing is totally out of the closet in the Trump era. No longer sublimated. No …

This Flow Chart Shows the Disturbing Connections Between Trump, Russia, White Supremacists and Ethnic Nationalists

12/20/16 2:48:25 pm
re: #138 darthstar You don't think 1% of Trump's voters might have been offended by ?? Even the overt racists might find it off-putting that he speaks that way about his own offspring.