Video: Donald Trump Is Not Looking Good - and He’s Sounding Worse

“Then why did he write the report? He’s groveling again.”
588Jebediah, RBG
1/26/17 11:47:11 am
re: #473 The_Burren These might actually be too big.

This video clip from tonight’s ABC News interview with Donald Trump is simply… nuts. First, notice the big bags under his bloodshot eyes. Then listen to what he says. Our new president is coming apart at the seams after less than a week in office. UPDATE at 1/25/17 8:37:38 …

Bad Lip Reading Makes Something Funny That Really Wasn’t: “Inauguration Day”

You think I won’t fling three eggs at you?
203Hecuba's daughter
1/25/17 7:42:50 pm
re: #132 HappyWarrior After the Democratic convention, my sister said to me that if Bernie were 10 years younger he would have gotten the nomination -- and I think she would have supported him.

Debunking Sean Spicer’s Lie That “14% of 2008 Voters Were Non-Citizens”

A deluge of dishonesty from the Trump Horror mouthpiece
485Jay in Oregon
1/25/17 5:17:14 pm
I have a friend who is disgusted and appalled by everything that's happened in the last couple of months. He shakes his head in disbelief that things have gotten so bad so quickly. He is ready to take the fight ...