Video: Sassy Trump Deals With That Pesky Wiretap Issue

396Amory Blaine
3/20/17 11:51:57 am
re: #350 The Vicious Babushka The master race can't figure out the xerox yet.

These are all Donald Trump’s actual words. The inflections and emphasis may be a little different, but these are words the President of the United States actually said. Listen and weep.

Stephanopoulos on Trump’s Wiretap Conspiracy Theory: “The Charge Is Untrue. He Knows It’s Not True.”

3/19/17 4:49:59 pm
re: #134 Backwoods_Sleuth My damned Dem senator is going to be up there with my damned GOP senator "introducing" Gorsuch. Colorado solidarity, or some such crap. I'm going to be making a pointed call to Bennett's office every day this ...