A Gorgeous Performance on 12-String Harp Guitar: Alex Anderson, “Weeping Willow”

355Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines
4/16/17 2:37:18 pm
re: #278 Unshaken Defiance Sounds reasonable. It looks like various media geniuses arrived at their outlandish 16 million figure by dividing the total program cost (R&D), roughly $320M, by the small number of weapons that have been built. This is ...

I keep thinking about how much we’ll miss CuriousLurker, her ferocious intelligence, and her passionate commitment to finding the truth no matter where the search led. Here’s another beautiful piece dedicated to her memory.

The Great Ry Cooder Live on BBC Music: “Jesus on the Mainline”

“If you don’t like that orange-haired faker, you better throw him out the door”
215Birth Control Works
4/16/17 11:31:52 am
re: #197 nines09 Actually, the shallow end of the gene pool reaches 30 and can still only attract high school girls. Girls being the operative word here.