John Mayer, Featuring the Dancing Pandas: “Still Feel Like Your Man”

4/23/17 6:53:03 am
re: #160 Shiplord Kirel wow, that was snarky

John Mayer’s new ellpee “The Search for Everything” is on heavy rotation at LGF headquarters, because it’s really, really good. And here’s the first music video from the LP, a very funky lament about a lost love featuring some awesome dancing pandas. One of the reasons I love this …

Trump’s Lawyers Argue That Protesters Have “No Right” to Protest Against Him

How dare these protesters protest the King?
4/22/17 1:55:03 am
re: #152 Charles Johnson And here my biggest website challenge was remembering to reload my header image after updating my WP theme. I admire your coding skills, Charles.