In Disturbing Echo of US Presidential Campaign, French Candidate Macron’s Campaign Has Been Hacked

471Semper Fi
5/06/17 1:38:24 pm
re: #403 jaunte And how surprised he must have been to be shouted down...wingnuts are self-deluded.

Well, it worked so well to get far right authoritarian Donald Trump into the White House, so what the heck? Why not try it in France, too? Macron team blasts ‘massive hacking attack’ on eve of vote. It’s clearly no coincidence that these hacks are intended to help the openly …

Video: Stephen Colbert on the Trumpcare Nightmare

The GOP just kicked America in the balls
343Anymouse 🌹
5/05/17 6:15:10 pm
re: #295 Backwoods_Sleuth Everyone who ever got adult-onset epilepsy didn't take care of themselves or didn't have insurance. (Epilepsy gets you thrown off both health and life insurance. For now the VA has me covered but I have to save ...