The Bombshells Continue to Drop: Trump Jr. Was Told the Russian Government Wanted to Aid Trump’s Candidacy

Trump Jr. knew the Russian government was behind this
7/11/17 5:47:22 am
re: #20 Blind Frog Belly White as i've said before, that's fine. if the PeeTUS and the VPget taken out, no legislation will possibly move through congress, and it will nuke the gop for at least a generation. Having one ...
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Breaking: Donald Trump Jr. Hires Noted “White Collar Crimes” Attorney Alan Futerfas

Junior lawyers up
7/10/17 8:06:27 pm
re: #238 FormerDirtDart If they get much more "integrity" on the panel, it might just sink into a black hole. I thought the unholy trinity of Kobach, Von Spakovsky and Blackwell was MORE than enough to insure that they had ...

Shock Waves Spread Through Washington After Trump Jr.’s Contacts With Russians Exposed

And Trump says nothing
7/10/17 7:50:17 pm
re: #105 Charles Johnson Very very belated vote, and may already have been answered. I'm threads behind today. Your call, sir, as always. I'd lean towards 'shut down.' They do have other venues to advocate their cause, but it's rather ...