Fantastic Friday Night Jam: Julian Lage, “Look Book”

1/06/18 2:46:51 pm
re: #313 nines09 Hang on, how many Presidents of the US were not elected on the first try? The only modern version (ie post WW2) I can think of is Richard Nixon.

Virtuoso mandolinist Chris Thile has taken over Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion, renamed it “Live From Here,” and turned it into the best damned contemporary music show in America, and here’s the latest example.

Video: Stephen Colbert Bites Into the Juicy New Trump Book

1/06/18 10:49:01 am
re: #17 steve_davis Actually, the debut episode was a bleeding-edge BBC production for the time (late 1963), especially considering it was done in two live takes. The only manual edit point, when they stopped filming, is the entrance to the ...

In Which the GOP Tries to Protect Their Orange Oligarch Figurehead With a Series of Desperate Moves

146retired cynic
1/05/18 3:02:29 pm
I got an email from Sen. Chris Murphy, reporting on a trip he and Sen. Blumenthal made to Puerto Rico. It is long, but so good. I cut the photos out of the text, and am putting the text in ...