1 Crepuscular Prick  Jul 8, 2008 5:22:05pm

“Excuse me!” He then corrected his colleague, saying the office has become a “white hole.”

Yes, because we know the extreme gravity won’t let light photons arugula escape.

2 Wilderstad  Jul 8, 2008 5:43:45pm

And your taxes go to support these morons.

3 M. Bensson-Levi  Jul 8, 2008 7:56:17pm

So it’s the late 60’s, and I’m at what passes for a night club, and I’ve got a date with a hot chick, and I’m patiently waiting to get my drink order in at a crowded bar.

“What’ll it be?”

“A Jack Daniel’s, straight up, and a black Russian.”

I say that, and a hand grasps my right shoulder, and I turn and look at a huge Shaquille O’Neal, sized grimacing black guy, and I think to myself “What the fuck’s with you?”, and he says, in his most menacing tone, “We call them Afro- Russians, now!”

I almost fell on the floor laughing! Guy loved his joke even more than I did! Spontaneous, dare I say it? black humor! We laughed our asses off!

Too bad most folks can’t laugh at this sort of nonsense! Too damned bad.

4 HelloDare  Jul 8, 2008 8:22:10pm

The coal mine was as black white as night.

5 Josephine  Jul 9, 2008 4:31:19am

“Cough, cough. It’s the white lung, Pa!”


6 Claire  Jul 9, 2008 8:09:55am

Wells Fargo HQ in San Francisco officially outlawed the phrase “flip-chart” sent a memo around and everything, because it was offensive to Phillipinos…….

7 Dar ul Harb  Jul 9, 2008 8:52:48am

With his attitude, I’ve said before that Obama is an African-American hole.

8 jamgarr  Jul 9, 2008 9:01:04am

The commissioners better not get niggardly with the budget to the central collections office!

/I still can’t believe that the guy who used “niggardly” correctly was punished.

9 Lizard by the Bay  Jul 9, 2008 9:36:29am

This still isn’t as funny as the black Los Angeles county supervisor who wanted an IT guy fired for referring to “master” and “slave” devices on an IDE chain.

10 blangwort  Jul 9, 2008 11:46:06am

Physics: Black absorbs. White radiates.

Therefore, Physics must be racist. No wonder our politicians think the Earth is Flat.

11 Lizard by the Bay  Jul 9, 2008 12:00:06pm

The real problem seems to stem from African Americans who seem to think that they own the adjective “black” and all that it means, and now have the right to regulate and restrict it’s use. This despite the facts that:

A. They’re not “black”, just varying shades of brown, and
B. “Black” is supposed to be derogatory, which is why we’re all supposed to use “African American” in the first place.

My response to Mister Price would have been, “Your people have already rejected claims to that adjective. It’s not yours anymore.” Somehow, I doubt that would go over very well, but at least it’d be honest.

12 Etaoin Shrdlu  Jul 9, 2008 3:20:31pm

re: #9 Lizard by the Bay

This still isn’t as funny as the black Los Angeles county supervisor who wanted an IT guy fired for referring to “master” and “slave” devices on an IDE chain.

When, really, the IDE developer who first called them that should have been fired.

And blacklisted. Because in correct use of the terminology, both drives are slaves — the CPU is the master.


13 Mardukhai  Jul 9, 2008 3:44:11pm

In the Arctic and Antarctic, a “white out” is frightening condition when the sky turns white and the world essentially disappears. The ground, the topography, the sky, all looks pure white. You can’t tell up or down, and can navigate only by compass.

White outs are scary as hell, but perhaps they must be abolished as well?

Is the term yellow fever insulting to Asians? Maybe Mexicans are offended by the term for a power shortage — brown out?

Give us a break!

14 beens21  Jul 10, 2008 10:15:59am

J W Price was once quoted calling whites mother effing honkies.Dallas politics is divided white,black and hispanic.Hardly a day goes by w/o a “race” story in the paper.

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