The New Tribalism

LGF infiltrates the TPM Book Club
2/01/11 6:42:35 pm
Excellent article, Charles. Well written as usual but your concept of tribalism succinctly hit the proverbial nail on the head. Good job!

Michael Wolraith’s book Blowing Smoke is an interesting and useful take on right wing “persecution politics,” and he asked me to participate in his Talking Points Memo Book Club discussion. Here’s my contribution:

Chris Matthews Destroys Michele Bachmann’s Revisionist History

The power of ignorance
2/01/11 8:04:29 pm
I love it when one of those barely literate right wingers comes out with some ritualistic historical factoid slam about all dem slave owners , Klansmen, and Jim Crow supporters in the Democratic Party. The best way to reply is: ...