Felix Baumgartner’s 24-Mile High Space Jump, Captured by His GoPro Camera

Baumgartner was wearing a GoPro camera, and the footage is incredible
224A Mom Anon
2/01/14 11:24:58 am
re: #222 Justanotherhuman In my case, the marriage lasted 18 months and he talked me into moving to FL for a job. HA. His college sweetheart was doing grad work at UF and that's the real reason he wanted to ...

Too Cute Not to Post: “Puppy Love”

A dog and his horse
1/30/14 6:44:45 pm
re: #353 Kragar Hey, Ms. Rios, since you "don't know what God's mind is on this" why not try entertaining the idea that maybe God is behind the "supernatural power to this president"? Oh, wait. That would mean that maybe, ...

Rachel Maddow interviews Tim Huelskamp about SOTU, Huelskamp Benghazis

1/30/14 12:50:03 pm
re: #92 Pie-onist Overlord Interestingly, the first quote from Reagan is not about protecting freedoms, which he didn't, but "the people," which is interesting. In light of the oft-repeated truism about one's safety being in direct proportion to one's liberty. ...

Overnight Short Film: When the Zombies Come

It turns out there’s a lot of zombie-killing weapons in an Ace hardware store
1/29/14 10:43:41 am
re: #414 Targetpractice Is this the Staten Island politician who cussed out and then physically removed a foreign video crew from, his office, who attempted to tape an "ambush interview" some years ago?

SC Tea Party Senate Debate: A Cornucopia of Crazy (Video)

Anti-science and proud of it
1/28/14 11:26:32 pm
re: #176 Killgore Trout hey KT, I'm thinking that even Morning Joe leans just a tad to the right... your Maddow hard on is unseemly. If you gave an iota of the amount of time checking Bill-O that you throw ...

The Ineffable Allen West: Democrats Try to Win Women’s Votes by ‘Talking From the Waist Down’

Another great moment in Republican rebranding
1/27/14 6:29:27 pm
re: #237 Killgore Trout Gulls have been amazing adapters since long before civilization. Some of them breed in the deep desert. They were already foraging into Utah when the Mormons arrived, with extant populations along the GSL, documented in the ...

Rand Paul in a Time Warp: Bill Clinton’s Infidelity Should Be a Campaign Issue

What kind of twisted mind thinks the way to attack Hillary Clinton is by bringing up Bill Clinton’s affair?
1/27/14 4:00:53 pm
Just a note: Monica was 22 when she met Bill. When she was subpoenaed, she was 23 or 24. The right wing always says 20, though they've all been corrected many times. Wonder why they might stick to a number ...