Death and The Anti-Vaxxer

2/01/15 9:11:00 pm
The anti-vaxers should look up the word "sociopath" in the dictionary and then think about why they qualify.

Death and The Anti-Vaxxer This is one blog post I’ve held off writing because it angers me beyond bearing, and scares me to death. 15 years ago, Andrew Wakefield, then a doctor, presented a paper to the famous medical journal The Lancet. In it he claimed there was a …

Wingnuts Convinced They’ve “Debunked” Charles Blow’s Story About His Son & Campus Cop

1/30/15 10:09:40 pm
The comments these tools made can only be made by those who ignore the nation's history. We have a long history of some blacks being as prejudiced toward other blacks as some whites. I remember when I was young and ...

NPR: The Mormon Church Wants a Free Pass for Bigotry

Here we go again - bigotry redefined as “religious freedom”
1/29/15 9:01:53 pm
Supposed to be asleep an hour ago, but there's music going on. The Carpenters. Goodbye to Love. Road Ode. Rainy Days and Mondays. Yeah, and Superstar. Wrote a novel set in 1973 -- there are refs to 140 songs, mostly ...

Rachel Maddow on Loretta Lynch’s Record, and Her Confirmation Hearing

HInt: They have very little to do with her record, and a lot to do with conspiracy theories
1/29/15 12:48:42 pm
re: #105 Backwoods_Sleuth Men who take this 'alpha' and 'beta' crap seriously are usually MRA crap stains.

Alex Jones Says Rand Paul Is Lying About Moderating His Extreme Positions

Not difficult to believe at all
3037-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
1/29/15 6:53:06 am
re: #225 De Kolta Chair Happens to me every time. Longest I've been able to keep it all off is maybe three months; that was two years ago. Might never do it again.

GOHMERT! God Will Punish America for Obama Dissing Netanyahu

Dumbest man in Congress weighs in
1/27/15 10:52:44 am
re: #420 The Vicious Babushka Yeah, that was unnecessary, I agree. But the Dersh has a disturbing history of attacking sex abuse victims that goes way beyond his role as a defense attorney.