Stupidest Man on the Internet: Singer Jill Sobule Is a Racist, Socialist America-Hater

Another raging incoherent rant from the SMOTI
1/31/16 5:36:03 pm
re: #373 Stanley Sea re: #374 calochortus My favorite bowls are the ones he makes out of burls. All nicely gnarly and totally gorgeous.

Wednesday Night Jam: The 500th Tiny Desk Concert: The Arcs

A pistol made of bones
328Decatur Deb
1/28/16 5:40:06 am
re: #327 BeenHereAwhile The TV charade challenge definitely stopped short of the goat. At first I thought your movie dialogue was an odd selection for charades (too well-known), but now see that it was already about 20 years old then. ...

Podcast o’ the Day: The Bob & Chez Show, 1/26/16

Smell the irony
1/27/16 6:34:39 pm
re: #315 BeachDem Saw it at about 300 comments. I actually quite like Kos but hte level of CT, parsing and downright complete fuck buttery in that thread by the Kosmonaut space kadets has gotten downright strange. I get Bernie ...