Stupidest Man on the Internet: Singer Jill Sobule Is a Racist, Socialist America-Hater

Another raging incoherent rant from the SMOTI
1/31/16 5:36:03 pm
re: #373 Stanley Sea re: #374 calochortus My favorite bowls are the ones he makes out of burls. All nicely gnarly and totally gorgeous.

Overnight Jam: Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, Aoife O’Donovan: “Crossing Muddy Waters”

512Eric The Fruit Bat
1/28/16 3:32:52 pm
re: #330 lawhawk And sometimes employers stack the deck to make sure even if you are well qualified you won't get the foot in the door by hiring attorneys who tell you how to not hire US citizens in order ...

Wednesday Night Jam: The 500th Tiny Desk Concert: The Arcs

A pistol made of bones
328Decatur Deb
1/28/16 5:40:06 am
re: #327 BeenHereAwhile The TV charade challenge definitely stopped short of the goat. At first I thought your movie dialogue was an odd selection for charades (too well-known), but now see that it was already about 20 years old then. ...

Podcast o’ the Day: The Bob & Chez Show, 1/26/16

Smell the irony
1/27/16 6:34:39 pm
re: #315 BeachDem Saw it at about 300 comments. I actually quite like Kos but hte level of CT, parsing and downright complete fuck buttery in that thread by the Kosmonaut space kadets has gotten downright strange. I get Bernie ...