Tuesday Night Jam: Nick Johnston, “Weakened by Winter”

2/01/17 11:36:31 am
re: #568 wrenchwench He came back! $8.00 sale. That wouldn't have qualified for a credit card even when I was taking them. I had a $20 minimum before it was 'legal' to have a minimum. Then he showed me his ...

Music is my refuge now, from a political world that’s turned incredibly dark and menacing.

Alexandre Bissonnette, suspect in Quebec City mosque killings

Photos: Massive Nationwide Demonstrations Under Way Protesting Trump’s Unconstitutional Muslim Ban

605Cardio (formerly JRCMYP)
1/29/17 6:05:01 pm
Are any of you following Louise Mensch on twitter? She's claiming that @RoguePOTUSStaff is actually Chuck C. Johnson (previously she was saying it was Bannon). I can't decide which account is crazier. And, it's been a while since I've posted. ...

Trump Pressured Park Service Director to Back Up His Lies About Inauguration Crowd

So crazy
1/26/17 8:39:17 pm
Was scrolling through here and reading comments about how Trump knows things will never get done. Was also reading what some of the legal challenges are about to be to his executive orders, memos, toilet paper, etc. No, he has ...