The Lessons of ‘Climategate’

A textbook case of right wing anti-science propaganda
449Mad Prophet Ludwig
3/01/11 9:12:14 pm
re: #448 ElSuerte Our side? It is Bagua! How are you? Long time no hear? Tell me, how have you been? Still miserable that you had no date on Valentines day and spent that whole night hate-blogging. And if it ...

Tennessee Republicans Introduce Idiotic Anti-Sharia Bill Drafted by Racist Loon

The GOP’s war on sanity
2/28/11 4:40:31 pm
re: #326 SanFranciscoZionist Okay, here goes. Let me start off by saying that contrary to popular opinion (in some circles), to break a promise or breach a trust is absolutely unlawful in Islam and considered a sign of being a ...

The Commercial That Gave Kathryn Lopez the Vapors

Underneath it all, they’re desperate and in pain
375Aye Pod
2/28/11 3:40:20 pm
re: #323 brookly red Well, Bagua is a disgusting, mentally deranged freak, so I guess it fiigures that you'd like him. That aside, these losers are irrelevant and should be ignored i.e. not read. When you throw garbage out, that ...

Video: What the Ice Cores Tell Us, and How Deniers Distort It

Greenland vs. Antarctica
3/01/11 5:44:06 am
re: #17 copernic ". . . climate deniers have pointed to higher temperatures in Greenland ice cores and decried that this local data is indicative of higher global temperatures in the past." So, that is why Peter Sinclair says, at ...

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s SIOA Listed As Hate Group

Anti-Muslim bloggers make the annual hate group roundup
531(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
2/26/11 10:42:35 pm
The Sandmonkey thread at Atlas Shrugs is delicious, with the Sandmonkey himself, Pamela Geller, Barry Rubin, Ramy Yaacoub, and others weighing in. Also: Apropos:

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer: Impeach Obama Over DOMA

The President is derelict in his duty to hate gays
2/26/11 5:45:18 am
re: #150 William of Orange It's not. They revere an idealized myth of marriage. For the religious nutjobs, life was perfect before things like divorce, women working outside the home, birth control, etc. If we'd all go back to that ...

Amazon Prime Adds Free Unlimited Movie/TV Streaming

Deal o’ the week
2/25/11 3:15:50 am
re: #138 Walter L. Newton The Zork Trilogy, Zork Zero, Beyond Zork, Infidel, Wishbringer, Hollywood Hijinx, Planetfall, Stationfall, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, A Mind Forever Voyaging, Bureaucracy, The Lurking Horror, Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail ...

Drudge Hypes 9/11 Truther Alex Jones on Twitter

All the way out
100(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
2/25/11 7:11:23 am
re: #99 ihateronpaul How he views (or rather: sells) himself is pretty much irrelevant to the question how he actually is. He thinks homosexuality is a "lifestyle" and that gay people are created by the government. He is a climate ...