Video: The Making of John Mayer’s ‘Born and Raised’ Artwork

Hand-crafted by a master
3/01/13 11:38:51 am
Wow, I just got around to watching this video—what incredible artistry & craftsmanship. I hope there will always be people in the world who to create such wonderful things, and yet others who appreciate them. Thanks for posting this.

Bob Woodward’s Disgraceful Lies About White House “Threats”

Woodward throws away his remaining credibility to pander to the crazy right
308wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam
2/28/13 8:43:55 pm
re: #192 Kragar (Antichrist ) Can't the cashiers just bite them, like they do in the movies?

Video: President Obama Speaks at Unveiling of Rosa Parks Statue

Remembering a hero of human rights
371Feline Fearless Leader
2/27/13 9:13:30 pm
re: #362 engineer cat What?!? So you didn't enter your comments in the linguistic equivalent of RPN - and then tell him that made them more logically formatted than using Standard English sentence structure? ;) My few code reviews generally ...

Chuck Hagel Confirmed for Secretary of Defense

Excellent work, Breitbrats!
2/27/13 6:52:58 am
re: #1 Dr. Matt I think animosity to Hagel is from the Military Industrial Complex types because they fear the defense budget cuts he is going to implement and one of the biggest military pork spending out there is supporting ...

GOP “Rebranding” Watch: Some Republicans Support Gay Marriage, RW Base Goes Nuts

Way out of the mainstream
2/26/13 1:49:55 pm
To me, this is the interesting quote, because it doesn't come from any system of morality, it just comes from personal sexual attraction: This isn't an outlier, people believe that whatever they have visceral reactions against are EVIL (and God ...

Amazon Deal of the Day: Olympus TG-320 14 MP Tough Series Camera With 3.6x Optical Zoom

38% off on this heavy duty point and shoot camera from Olympus
2/26/13 11:15:36 am
re: #289 Targetpractice, Worst of Both Worlds Zimmerman is charged with murder 2, not pre-meditated murder 1. No one is claiming he went out that night or followed Martin with the intention to murder him.

Right Wing Rages Uncontrollably at Michelle Obama: “Someone Put a Bullet in That Fat Pig”

Sheer hatred
2/25/13 6:29:36 pm
This is what the Republican Entertainment Complex has turned the Republican party into. My guess is they do not win a national election in our lifetime unless the Democrats put up someone so repulsive we can not stand to look ...