Friday Night Acoustic: Tommy Emmanuel, “Drivetime”

With bonus libertarian slap-fight
627Dr Lizardo
3/01/14 12:24:57 pm
re: #626 Fairly Sure I'm Still Obdicut I know it would. It's a Catch-22, and I don't envy President Obama, or SecDef Hagel, or Chancellor Merkel right now, because Putin's actions have likely given the Western leaders a king-sized migraine ...

What, it’s Friday already? OK, so here’s a great piece of music from the amazing Tommy Emmanuel (if you can tear your eyes and ears away from the libertarian slap-fight currently under way between PandoDaily’s Paul Carr and First Look’s “senior policy analyst” Marcy Wheeler).

The Mysterious “Deep Force” Behind the “Coup” in Ukraine? First Look Money Guy Pierre Omidyar

Hot libertarian on libertarian action
2/28/14 11:19:49 pm
re: #27 kirkspencer Actually, Wheeler's equating of support for pro-demcoracy NGOs with instigating a coup is smug, childish and dogmatic. Her words do nothing to instill any respect or confidence in her writing or thinking.

Judson Phillips (Tea Party Nation): Jan Brewer’s Veto Imposed Mandatory Giant Penis Cakes

That isn’t the full quote, but damn, does it not speak volumes?
230Deep State SuperElite Satinist
2/27/14 9:09:09 pm
re: #200 Kragar So, would my religious freedom be violated if someone refused to let me properly celebrate Kanamara Matsuri? (probably NSFW)

In Which Glenn Greenwald’s Friend Mona Holland Equates Me to a Neo-Nazi in Prison for Trying to Murder a Judge

And repeats “NOTORIOUS HATE SITE” over and over like a parrot on crack
2/26/14 7:57:24 pm
I'd never heard of Glenn Greenwald before the Snowden affair and its coverage in LGF. GG impresses me as a very angry man prone to sweeping and unfounded generalizations. I'm often struck by how mean-spirited his tweets are. Anyway, some ...

If You Read Down to Paragraph 18, You Discover That Glenn Greenwald’s Latest Article Has No Evidence

Extraordinary claims without extraordinary evidence, or any evidence at all, really
2/26/14 9:53:57 am
re: #27 RadicalModerate So the Dudebros are now joining the Birthers in the credibility department. It's just hate Obama day for them.

Arizona Wingnuts Chicken Out on Anti-Gay “Right to Refuse Service” Bill Due to Backlash

It’s a dry hate.
2/25/14 2:34:10 pm
re: #69 darthstar They could come to Iowa! Wait, that wouldn't work. We don't have a professional football team. 'Cause then Minnesota would want one. (Insert rimshot here.)

Buzzfeed: Al Jazeera Offered Julian Assange $1.3M for Diplomatic Cables

Corruption among the anarchists
2/24/14 1:01:53 pm
re: #108 Feline Fearless Leader "Dumping the A-10 is also pressure for adopting the F-35 since you need the strike aircraft." Not that the Air Force will want to risk their hugely expensive, maybe-not-so-reliable hangar queens on close air support, ...