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Tech Note: A Big Improvement for Mobile Users

Our front page loads much faster
3/01/16 12:15:59 pm
re: #502 Decatur Deb So far today: one call from a Hillary volunteer; another H flyer hand-delivered with my caucus information and my precinct number written on it. Brother Bernie, where art thou?

If you’re browsing Little Green Footballs on a mobile phone tonight, you’ll notice a huge improvement in the speed of loading our home page. Today I implemented some code that serves tiny smartphone-sized images for all the front page articles if you’re using a phone, instead of full-sized images …

UPDATE: New Video of Photographer Choked and Body-Slammed at Trump Rally

Choked out
3/01/16 2:37:35 am
re: #223 Tricho Hi Tricho, your post sounds like a lot of well meaning people. Your tone is often applied to discussions about whether police actions or killings are excessive or not. "The perpetrator was rude!" Or, "The suspect was ...
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Donald Trump Retweets Troll Account With Quote From Fascist Dictator Mussolini

Fear, anger, and hate have coalesced in actively promoting fascists, white supremacists, and hate mongers.
2/28/16 6:18:58 pm
re: #106 Anymouse Glad to hear it! Phone banking for the campaigns is a thankless task -- always appreciate the folks who do it well.

Glenn Beck Comes Up With an Even Worse Insult for Trump Supporters

The gloves are off
2/27/16 2:20:33 pm
Fox was smart to dump Beck. He is a nutbag. Unfortunately I hear about him sometimes on sites like these. LGF needs to completely ignore him. Beck is nothing, has no influence and giving any attention is exactly what he ...
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David Duke Gets Out the Racist Vote for Donald Trump

Make America hate again
2/25/16 4:24:33 pm
re: #180 freetoken Leading the charge from behind. "Go get 'em boys...imma eat my Little Debbies cakes while you are at it!" By the way, there seems to be talk the Republican candidates are going to lower the boom on ...