We Got Mail!

4/01/09 11:11:39 pm
re: #1120 zombie I am the father of the child moonbeams spoke about. To answer your question regarding the linkage to vaccines, we both believe that there is a genetic predisposition in play that causes some individuals to have trouble ...

Anti-vaccination fever caused an LGF reader in Irvine, California to email the following mash note, titled “how much we think we know:” (Typos and misspellings left intact for dramatic effect.) Not that it will make any difference to Mike, but I repeat: there is

GM CEO: Thanks for the Money, I Think We’ll Declare Bankruptcy Now

3/31/09 5:07:02 pm
This whole idiot story 'they' are tossing around that 'consumers' would never buy from a company in Bankruptcy is absurd. Like we'd buy from a company who might go bankrupt any day instead. ? Bankrupt. Reorganize, Come out Healthy. Put ...

Horowitz Unloads on Obama Derangement Syndrome

4/02/09 1:23:12 am
Obama really is a narcissist--but so was Bill Clinton. Many people who seek the public limelight, as politicians do, are narcissists. The best and one of the earliest articles on Obama's narcissism was written by Charles Krauthammer, who would be ...