Hutaree Leader: a ‘Fanatic Ron Paul Supporter’

4/01/10 12:19:40 am
re: #627 Cato the Elder ahahahahah In moderation, it's genius :D

Several people have emailed to point out that the recently arrested leader of the “Hutaree” militia was described as a “fanatic Ron Paul supporter.” Imagine my shock. My surprise, if you will. Adam Holland has a good post on David Brian Stone’s attraction to Dr. Paul, the current support Stone …

Spider-Man #40, The Origin of the Green Goblin (September 1966)

429Slumbering Behemoth Stinks
4/01/10 3:09:31 am
re: #405 brookly red On several occasions you have said on this blog, and in no uncertain terms, that you are a democrat. Yet the language in your sentence here [emphasis mine]: ... seems odd. It could easily give one ...