Another Sickening Deluge of Open Racism at

Dan Riehl kicks it off
248Patricia Kayden
3/31/12 6:52:53 pm
I never read the actual racist comments since they would literally make me sick. Good to point out that refuses to remove them or to take steps to keep them from being posted. Shows what type of people (out ...

Sarah Palin’s Word Salad of the Day: Obama ‘Orchestrated’ His Trayvon Remarks

Does she understand what “orchestration” means?
150Patricia Kayden
3/30/12 9:31:06 am
I just cannot read or listen to Palin's blatherings/rants anymore. She's just not that important and as dumb as dirt. But she was great for some laughs during the 2008 elections!! And I will always LOVE Tina Fey for her ... If You’re Hispanic, You’re Definitely Not ‘White’

Another look at the deranged racist assumptions of the right
91Patricia Kayden
3/30/12 9:36:04 am
Why are too many Americans so dumb that they don't understand the difference between ethnicity and race? All throughout Latin America you have Blacks, Whites and Indigenous populations, which are separate races, but all Latinos/Hispanics. Even if "Hispanic" was a ...’s ‘Liberty Chick’ Responds (With Insults, of Course)

“Stop snappin’ my bra strap”
150wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam
3/29/12 10:02:20 pm
Well, Dan Riehl is not much better, and he looks about the same age. Both seem to have really thin skins for being self-described journalistic heroes. Emotional maturity of 12-year-olds.

Video: George Zimmerman on Night of Trayvon Killing - No Injuries!

What happened to the broken nose and scalp lacerations?
282Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/29/12 10:54:21 am
re: #281 Tiny Alien Kitties are Watching You No, really, I wouldn't think it was right if I did. As you said, this all happened within a minute. I understand at some point he was asserting that Martin was struggling ... Conspiracy Theory Watch: Liberty Chick’s ‘Planted Comments’ Investigation

Pretending the problem doesn’t exist
181Sir John Barron
3/29/12 8:07:55 am
Well, there were other vital INVESTIGATION BOMBSHELL EXCLUSIVES, such as the Black professor dude who said something and Obama in 1991 or something. //

Stephen Colbert Exposes Barack Obama’s Gun Control Conspiracy

“The total lack of evidence is all the evidence I need”
54Grunthos the Flatulent
3/28/12 2:55:40 pm
re: #40 'M AFFN FUN I seem to recall reading (here) that Martin's phone was locked. A locked phone - even a deactivated phone, at least where I am - can still make emergency calls. Some amateur with a badge ...