Video: Stephen Colbert Falls Victim to CNN’s ‘Fake News’

3/30/18 10:29:43 pm
re: #14 Backwoods_Sleuth ""David Hogg's attempt to end Laura Ingraham's career sets dangerous precedent"" It sure does, and the dangerous precedent is a clear message to persons like Ingraham that you shouldn't f*ck with people because sometimes you meet your ...

Watch Live as the Chaos Reigns and the Liars Lie: White House Press Briefing w/ Sarah Sanders

3/28/18 1:10:26 pm
re: #27 Backwoods_Sleuth Well, I guess we can eliminate courts now. The police just take over and hand out the prosecutors, no courtrooms. Everyone gets a death sentence no matter what the crime. If there was even a crime. ...

Right Wing Freaks Out as Former Supreme Court Justice Argues to Repeal the Second Amendment

3/27/18 3:31:16 pm
re: #168 Backwoods_Sleuth In addition to his misogynist bullshit, his "road trip" sagas where he takes every chance to denigrate (what I suspect are made-up) minorities were equally obnoxious. (And he's not even a good writer.) National Review Flips 'Days ...

New Study: Evangelicals Continue Supporting Trump Because of Christian Nationalism

3/26/18 7:26:19 pm
Oh, look: Ars Technica: Uber told to stop testing driverless tech in Arizona When you've lost Doug Ducey, one of the biggest GOP wingnuts in public office who's not in DC and who giddily welcomed Uber's testing with open arms ...