Texas Creationist School Board Chairman Gets the Boot

5/02/09 9:24:38 am
re: #295 Charles Nice job, Charles, in ignoring the point of my entire argument. After I indicate that I particularly believe that there ever was a Noah's ark, you belittle me by acting as if I claim it did. In ...

Republican Governor Rick Perry appointed Don McLeroy twice as chairman of the Texas State Board of Education, in a sustained effort to sneak the teaching of creationism into public schools, but tonight the confirmation of the creationist dentist is reportedly

Utah Governor Huntsman to GOP: ‘You Can’t Just Say No’

4/29/09 8:24:16 pm
re: #76 MacGregor Here's a rebuttal to Gregory Young's article in the AmericanThinker. However, I don't think the rebuttal adequately handled Young's points about water vapor being a greenhouse gas, also the rate of greenhouse gas emissions by volcanoes and ...