Massive Right Wing Fail of the Day: The Twitter Gulag

Hysterical paranoia runs amok in Wingnut Land
5/01/12 8:46:01 am
The small shop that employed me for the last thirteen years went out of business in December. It's been surprisingly hard for a 51 year old woman in a small NW Iowa town to find a job...any job. I'm at ...

As nearly every right wing “news” source pushes the ridiculous paranoid claim that conservatives are being targeted in a “block and report” campaign on Twitter in order to get their accounts suspended — a claim for which they present absolutely zero evidence — here’s an article at Yahoo News on … Evil Liberals Imprisoning Conservatives in Twitter Gulag

Your right wing panic of the day
158What, me worry?
4/30/12 3:23:05 pm
re: #148 Learned Mother of Zion Did anyone mention the irony of their 4-5 year mission to get LGF off the web through bullying and humiliating all its posters? Naw, didn't think so...

Fake Outrage of the Weekend: Dan Savage, the ‘Vile Anti-Christian Bully’

“Journalism on the Edge” attendees walk out when things get too edgy
322Patricia Kayden
4/30/12 2:49:08 pm
I wish Dan hadn't apologized. He spoke the truth. As a Christian, of course I have to admit that I do not obey every single thing written in the Bible. All Christians would have to say the same. Why some ...

Overnight Video: Earthereal

NASA high resolution images from the International Space Station
172Feline Fearless Leader
4/28/12 10:26:18 am
re: #170 ggt Hmm, there's no loon in the basic graphics library. And it's not a traditional heraldic bird, though I'm sure it's used for some up in Canada. Punning in coat-of-arms has historical precedence in any case. A family ...

3-Year Senate Investigation: ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ Was Ineffective

Not to mention torture
4/27/12 6:26:28 pm
Those who are formally trained in interrogation techniques consistently agree that the so-called "enhanced" methods employed by the CIA were totally inappropriate and tactically inane. These techniques are commonly used by foreign extremist groups and dictatorial regimes that are trying ...

Your Laughable Post of the Day: ‘What Gutsy Call?’

Even if Obama had personally parachuted in and gunned down bin Laden, they’d still be whining
84funky chicken
4/27/12 8:54:26 pm
re: #57 Talking Point Detective QFT, and I still wonder what Sadaam thought he had? Or was he crazy enough to think his bluff would work out for him? Obviously the Sauds were anxious to shift the focus Sadaam's way. ...