Jon Stewart on Sarah Palin’s Bizarre ‘Waterboarding Baptism’ Statement: Huh?

Huh?! Talks
5/01/14 8:53:24 am
Aside from the deeply offensive content, her delivery is getting more and more bizarre. Her voice is getting ever more Phyllis Schlafly-like, her gestures are weird and disconnected with what she is saying, and what's with those random pauses?

New Bombshell From the Intercept: GCHQ Asked NSA for Something, We Don’t Know if They Got It

More known unknowns from Greenwald HQ
4/30/14 4:36:48 pm
You must be in complete denial of the government's role in making sure that we aren't taken by surprise again, and to be able to follow the actions of people who do not mean us well. You must think, well, ...

Jon Stewart vs. the Incredibly Not Racist Racists

“He’s a rare creature - a racist swinger”
126Floral Giraffe
4/29/14 4:10:58 pm
re: #111 Backwoods_Sleuth And those of us in an "extreme danger zone" pay extra taxes for fire fighting. Like a couple of hundred dollars a year... Worth every penney. It's 95 outside right now, and I am very near the ...

Breaking: Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Suspended Indefinitely, Fined $5M (Update: $2.5M)

Possibly the most expensive argument with a mistress in history
4/29/14 5:26:05 pm
Interesting. I'd like to track down the source of the $5 million error, and the one that first said it was an "indefinite" suspension. If you watch Silver's announcement, he clearly announces a lifetime suspension and $2.5 million. As for ...

Jeffrey Goldberg on the Kerry “Apartheid” Fake Outrage

Kerry’s not the only one to use the “A” word
4/29/14 1:52:56 pm
re: #9 Dr Lizardo New Godzilla movie looks great, but the Disney remake of Star Wars is getting off to a shaky start - the entire expanded universe is to be considered non-canon, and as my friend said "a thousand ...

Overnight Jam: Johnnyswim at NPR Music

436Unshaken Defiance
4/29/14 3:59:51 pm
re: #399 CuriousLurker Sadly I think people just get attention fatigue. It's a steady drumbeat of attacks. Eventually unless it's close to home it just goes meh. Anything that becomes commonplace seemingly can get there. Psych paper anyone? Plus our ...

After the Right Wing Media Machine Screams “Sterling Is a Democrat,” He Turns Out to Be a Republican

317Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches)
4/28/14 5:41:40 pm
re: #315 makeitstop This is the only kind of response that could conceivably force the NBA's hand in this matter. If advertisers started yanking their money, then the TV networks invoke clauses in the contracts, and suddenly that big fat ...