Video: Missionaries of Hate

6/01/10 3:07:47 am
Religion. No ifs, and, or buts about it. It even surprises me why gay people would try to be religious given how hostile true religious belief is to homosexuality.

Here’s a must-see documentary on the American evangelists who are spreading murderous homophobic hatred in Africa. Video

Outrageous Outrages Flowing at Much Higher Rate Than Previously Estimated

583Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
5/30/10 4:52:23 pm
re: #582 windsagio We're not anywhere close to going to war. I haven't seen anyone on LGF ever assert you can disprove god's existence. It would be a profoundly foolish and unnecessary statement, since there is no need to disprove ...

Pamela Geller: Obama Went to Chicago to Meet Farrakhan and the Media Covered It Up

5/30/10 11:49:50 pm
re: #251 bj Right. If he attends he's 'making the memorial political'; if he doesn't, you wingnuts scarequote 'missed'. There is literally nothing Obama can do as POTUS to make wingnuts happy. What you're unhappy about is that he is ...

The Pat Buchanan-Alex Jones Convergence: Israel Destroyed the World Trade Center

78Charles Johnson
5/31/10 11:13:01 am
re: #77 globalrage I'd like to point out that the page you're citing includes a copyright notice at the bottom: Maybe Buchanan should work a little harder to distance himself from this website if he really doesn't support it.