Anti-Choice Group Edits Out Planned Parenthood Adoption Discussion

Creative editing, a la Andrew Breitbart
853Patricia Kayden
6/03/12 1:43:51 pm
Except for Righties, who actually would consider Breitbart & company as a legitimate news source? After the Sherrod incident, there's nothing they can say to me.


Romney Slips Up, Reveals Alien Amercia Plot

Pulling back the curtain on a trans-universal scheme
165Eclectic Infidel
5/31/12 12:40:20 pm
re: #54 Gitarzan I think it's a requirement for conservative women to be tone deaf when endorsing theocrats like Romney. Cognitive dissonance. Like Queers for Palestine or gays for the GOP. It would be too easy to say she is ...

Breitbart Blogger Dana Loesch Lies on CNN: ‘Nobody Believes Obama Wasn’t Born in Hawaii’

Why is this liar employed by a news organization?
5/30/12 10:20:43 pm
re: #11 Learned Mother of Zion Apparently there's a Lovecraft story about a woman whose hair, after being subjected to much hair product, becomes a living and malevolent entity. I worry.

Fox: This Is News? (Featuring Jon Stewart)

Keeping the right wing base ignorant and hate-filled
5/30/12 10:26:43 pm
Charles Johnson, To think I once had such respect for Fox News. At one time it was the news channel I watched the most. Now I have more respect for John Stewart of the Daily Show, and he's a comedian. ...

Video: Donald Trump’s Birther Craziness on CNN

Mitt Romney’s 50.1%
5/30/12 9:22:44 pm
The ethics, values, and decisions that a candidate makes during a national campaign is a reflection of the choices that he/she will make if elected. 
The fact that Mitt can't see the folly in embracing Trump -- solely because he ...

Yet Another Right Wing Hit Job on Planned Parenthood

Not a surprise - Planned Parenthood caught on to the latest scam a month ago
5/30/12 10:05:20 am
They lie so much because what they really want is to lie with mankind as with womankind, and womankind as with mankind if you will... but the closet makes realizing that hard, so it manifests itself like this instead. It's ...