And Now, Trump’s 3rd Party Challenger: A Raving Wingnut, of Course

They’re all crazy, folks
534Donkey With No Name
6/01/16 3:32:16 pm
re: #530 Nojay UK You're friends with Charles Stross?

So today Bill Kristol unveiled his independent conservative candidate for president, and it’s David French — a guy who posted this at his Patheos blog last year: “A defense of hatred.” Have you ever seen a better summation of the deranged American right wing in 2016? I can’t even …

Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

California Gov. Jerry Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton

A big endorsement for Clinton
5/31/16 1:36:48 pm
. @BernieSanders back to lobby, re @JerryBrownGov, says he'd rather have nurses union support than 'establishment' — David Siders (@davidsiders) May 31, 2016

Breitbart Readers React to Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Story With Deluge of Ugly Racism

The same way they react to everything
5/31/16 8:30:00 pm
re: #354 Buyers Remorse That might be the most absurd of all your stupid posts. Trump is nothing more than a big mouth entertainer with an undeniable talent for manipulating the media and branding himself. He would be a relative ...
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In San Diego Speech, Trump Personally Attacks Judge in Trump U Case as “Mexican”

And the crowd booed
5/29/16 9:02:50 am
re: #235 gocart mozart I saw that a couple of months ago courtesy of another tweep. In fact, the Senior Dads commented on it: (In spoiler tags, for obvious reasons)
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Donald Trump: “I’d Love to Debate Bernie but They’ve Gotta Pay a Lot of Money for It”

Echoes of Dr. Evil
398De Kolta Chair
5/26/16 7:57:13 pm
re: #56 Backwoods_Sleuth West of the Catalina Mountains driving north from Tucson to Phoenix? If so, why anyone would "desert" Tucson for Phoenix is beyond me.

A History Lesson From Randy Newman: “The Great Nations of Europe”

Covering the last 400 years of Western civilization in two minutes and 48 seconds
5/26/16 7:13:45 am
"Some bug from out of Africa might come for you and me" Beautiful the way he sings that line. Now, let's get some walls built to protect our Little Europe, and all the Little Europes of the world.

Next Up in the Donald Trump Attack Plan: Whitewater

But of course
247Unshaken Defiance
5/26/16 7:37:46 am
Stanley Sea and I have talked about going to Trump event. I'm sorely tempted. Let's go say Hello. I have no real idea of location or timing. And the protesters might be enough reason to pass by way of walking ...