Conan the Barbarian #1, October 1970

6/30/10 11:26:48 pm
re: #140 Slumbering Behemoth Teela Brown, of Ringworld fame. Poor program hadn't a clue.

Tonight’s cover image from the Lizard Collection: the very first issue of Conan the Barbarian, created by the greats of the late Silver Age — writer Roy Thomas, artist Barry Smith, and inker/embellisher John Verpoorten. This comic book was published in October 1970, and was the inspiration for a …

Sharron Angle Goes on Walkback

6/30/10 1:49:56 pm
Unless you pray loudly in public, and make loud protestations of your faith in public and attempt to make the tenets of your particular faith law then obviously you aren't a serious Christian. Nevermind Matthew 6:5-7 Jesus said we should ...

Sen. Grassley: God Wanted Us to Pack Heat

6/30/10 10:08:46 am
To: KingKenrod (209) I disagree. It appears to me that the fundamental right to “self defense” and gun ownership are being conflated…deliberately by Grassley. While the right to self-defense may be a natural right, it does not necessarily follow that ...

Nevada Tea Party Candidate Angle: No Abortion for Victims of Rape Or Incest

6/30/10 2:59:35 pm
I'm probably posting to dead thread, but what the hell... I seem to have different take than most people who have posted here. I'm pro-choice (up to a point... third trimester abortions should not be allowed except in the case ...