New Right Wing Fast and Furious Talking Point: Liberals Are Heartless Monsters hitman John Nolte targets another Politico writer
346Charles Johnson
7/02/12 10:44:40 am
Dead thread hero tried to leave turds at the end of every thread, apparently.

I notice that the wingnut blogs are settling on a new line of attack for the “Fast and Furious” fake outrage: if you point out that the whole thing is a politically driven phony scandal, that means you’re a heartless monster who doesn’t care about murdered agent Brian Terry, his … Target Joe Williams Will Leave Politico

Raving loons without standards set the agenda for Politico
119Patricia Kayden
7/01/12 9:29:32 am
While I am sad that Joe Williams had to leave Politico, I think he'll be alright. Hopefully, either MSNBC or some other media organization will pick him up since he was an excellent political commentator. Interesting that Glenn Beck can ...

Friday Night Jam: Crowded House Live, ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’

There is freedom within, there is freedom without
336Patricia Kayden
7/01/12 9:45:21 am
re: #123 jaunte Powerful photo and story! Those stories need to be featured on NPR, MSNBC, CNN, etc. How can the Repubs be so heartless to want to deny healthcare from people?!! Perhaps I am too Canadian to understand all ...

The Giant Breitbart Awakes

A day of epic butthurt evokes a potent right wing meme
6/29/12 12:14:05 pm
Grocery stores really aren't that good for cities really anyhow. Smaller convenience stores are a better fit for cities. You see more grocery stores in the suburbs because more people use cars in the suburbs and you can get more ...

House Republicans Hold Eric Holder in Contempt, Democrats Walk Out

Partisan fake outrage
6/29/12 3:36:43 pm
Same thing. Posting takes me to the top after causing a reload. Can't log out using the button here. Twitter embeds look like text. Uninstalled Firefox and Java including cleaning of directories and registry and subsequently reinstalled Firefox and Java. ...

Former Michigan GOP Spokesman: ‘Is Armed Rebellion Now Justified?’

Butthurt reaches epic levels
6/28/12 3:11:21 pm
To demonstrate their commitment to our sacred U.S. Constitution, many conservative pundits and politicians strive to eliminate those Amendments that conflict with their ideology, simply ignore other sections that they find inconvenient to honor, and to pick and choose which ...

Fox Gets Supreme Court Decision Totally Wrong, Not Sorry

“Fox reported the facts as they came in”
6/30/12 5:16:37 pm
It's not really their fault. The final report issued by the Supreme Court had too many pages and contained too many big words, and there was no Cliff Notes version provided. In short, the right wing propaganda peddlers at FOX ...

Health Care Mandate Upheld by Supreme Court

‘Experts’ who predicted a huge swing to the right have egg on their faces
246Patricia Kayden
6/28/12 1:36:58 pm
"So, are the right wing blogs gibbering and freaking out? Of course they are — it’s the reason they exist." Whatever makes them unhappy is great for me. Love it! Right now as I write, several Dems are walking out ...

Video: Chris Matthews - ‘Fast and Furious’ Didn’t Happen

Matthews, former DOJ spokesman Matt Miller, and David Corn rip into Fortune’s exposé
6/28/12 8:56:55 am
Essentially, Fortune said the "whistleblower" was lying, but it's like Fortune is stuck in a time warp ... "... These key documents would help the Committee understand how and why the Justice Department moved from denying whistleblower allegations to understanding ...

Must Read: Fortune Magazine Totally Destroys the ‘Fast and Furious’ Fake Outrage

“Republican senators are whipping up the country into a psychotic frenzy with reports that are patently false”
6/28/12 8:55:38 am
Essentially, Fortune said the "whistleblower" was lying, but it's like Fortune is stuck in a time warp ... Internally, over the course of the next eight months, the Justice Department identified 140,000 pages of documents and communications responsive to the ...