Captain America #104, ‘Slave of … the Skull!’ (August 1968)

8/01/10 11:01:31 am
re: #432 Walter L. Newton Exactly, and it would be a nightmare for small businesses (and large) that make large numbers of "small" purchases in the $600-$2000 range, or multiple purchases from small suppliers. As an accountant, my worst case ...

Tonight’s cover from the Lizard Collection is in incredible near-mint condition: Captain America #104, published in August 1968, the fifth issue of the resurrected Captain America series. This is an illustration Quentin Tarantino would appreciate — a circular firing squad by a mob of Red Skull cronies. This book will …

Quran-Burning Church Pastor: ‘Islam is of the Devil’

308Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
8/01/10 10:47:13 pm
re: #307 Naso Tang No, I don't. You repeatedly state things that are untrue. Sharia 'law' is not necessarily a law enforced by police. It can be simply the 'law' that the adherent to Islam attempts to follow. It's a ...

The Wild Conspiracy Theories of an Unhinged Islamophobic Blogger

7/31/10 9:27:00 pm
re: #56 jamesfirecat Which Marx? Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, or Zeppo? And what does an ex-Beatle have to do with Arlington Cemetery? re: #72 Gus 802 Connecting the dots may be beyond her capabilities.

NOAA Study: All Indicators Show Climate Change is Undeniable

8/01/10 4:12:10 pm
re: #16 garhighway you don't need to tax carbon, you need to A) remove the ginormous oil subsidies B) subsidize viable alternative energy, not "iffy" "solutions" like ethanol, which ruins motors I am so sick of hearing "but it will ...

Gingrich: Park51 Community Center is ‘Hostile to Our Civilization’

332Eclectic Infidel
7/29/10 2:31:05 pm
re: #38 LudwigVanQuixote I do. I know I'm coming into this discussion late in the game but there are several factors lacking in our society today that were very much on the forefront of post-war Germany. First, we are not ...

Christian Fanatic Group Plans ‘International Burn A Quran Day’

7/29/10 1:24:46 pm
Jeez, I myself live in Gainesville while attending school here at the University of Florida. Semi-scary for these kinds of things to go on right at my doorstep! Might be fun to attend this hate-filled event, I'll whip out my ...