Pamela Geller Attacks Victims of Oslo Terrorist

Geller agrees with Anders Behring Breivik
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8/01/11 1:36:29 pm
re: #531 Obdicut Mkay. I think I explained well enough why I perceived it to have the form of a logical argument. I honestly don't think you have shown me any essential misinterpretation on my part. But suit yourself. We ...

After spending a few days mouthing the expected rote denunciations of Oslo terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, Pamela Geller was clearly chafing at the bit to get back to her usual fare, and today she did just that by attacking Breivik’s victims:

Video: Republicans Call for Raising the Debt Ceiling (In 2004)

When a white conservative was in the White House
8/01/11 9:55:26 am
re: #314 sagehen 1. Hence why I made a clear distinction between long term gains vs. short term. 99% of hedge funds trade entirely on a daily basis. I'd be really surprised if one position was held over a year, ...

Senate Kills Reid Bill, New Obama/McConnell Bill Appears

For those keeping score at home
7/31/11 4:48:03 pm
re: #172 ProLifeLiberal I am no Tea Party sympathizer, I think tax rates should probably go back to 1999 levels(for everyone). But comparisons to Norway and Sweden aren't particularly useful. Norway and Sweden are both low population/rich natural resource countries. ...

Pamela Geller Feebly Explains Edit: ‘Stockpiling Weapons’ is ‘Self Defense’

‘Insensitive, nothing more’
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8/01/11 7:38:11 am
re: #277 000G I know, why should they be defensive. "No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God." (George H.W. Bush) for one of many ...

Boehner: If Credit Agencies Downgrade US, It’s ‘Beyond My Control’

The Republican war on America’s credit rating
7/29/11 8:10:23 am
re: #468 dch84 How am I supposed to know that? You show up and push a hashtag and a single-issue website. I don't know what you think. Oh, look. You made a comment that has nothing to do with your ...

‘Counter-Jihad’ Blog Calls for More Europeans to Emulate Breivik’s Attacks

This is what ‘counter-jihad’ bloggers support
7/28/11 6:19:34 am
Just out of curiosity, I checked a few seconds ago. "Gates of Vienna" is still linking “The West’s Darkest Hour.” And the "F*** the holocaust!" page is particularly f***ing sick.