Romney’s Latest Position: Yes, It Is About Culture

Exploiting the deep need to feel superior
8/02/12 2:04:43 pm
re: #177 garhighway Ok, Please tell me two brutally oppressive conditions that are at least partially created by Israeli policy that the Palestinians live under. And yes, I think anyone who describes Israel as apartheid is guilty of hate speech. ...

Video: Stephen Colbert Gets to the Bottom of Dressage

The graceful interplay of man and beast
7/31/12 4:11:52 pm
re: #33 wrenchwench He's riding as an American, but he is German, trained in Germany. Steffan Peters of the USA team is also German. There is also a 71 year old Japanese man that trained with the Germans, which is ...

Romney Whines: The Media Are Persecuting Me to Divert Attention From the Economy

The ever-popular “left wing media” persecution fantasy
7/31/12 6:42:27 pm
re: #4 Kragar You might nit agree that what he would do is better, however he has put forth many "documentable" ideas that he thinks would be better. In fact he put out a commercial listing them. Did you miss ...

Israeli Defense Minister: Obama Has Done More for Israel Than Any President

The right wing is lying about Obama and Israel
7/31/12 5:45:20 pm
Well, the right wing pundits are going to be working overtime finding ways to spin this story. So what explanations might these bloviators dream up? 1) Wow, this guy is a traitorous coward. He's probably a mole working for Islamic ... Desperately Spinning Romney’s Jerusalem Speech

Just looking for that talking point fix
7/31/12 9:01:17 am
re: #33 wrenchwench I bet they aren't helping on purpose. Think about it. And the direction the party is headed. What better way to go even further right than sabotaging the Romney campaign, assuring President Obama gets a 2nd term. ...

The Conversion of a Climate Change Skeptic

Overwhelming evidence that man is behind climate change
7/31/12 8:46:02 am
The climate change denial mindset is an outcome of a larger phenomenon that has become a fundamental component of conservative ideology lately -- anti-intellectualism. Fundamentally, climate change deniers refuse to accept the conclusions of the vast amounts of data gathered ...

Fake Wingnut Outrage of the Day: Obama Canceled Bin Laden Raid! Gasp!

Idiots get worked up about nothing again
7/31/12 8:43:40 am
It's incredible how Obama's successes pain right wingers so greatly that they have to go fishing for reasons to minimize his achievements. Obama got him, Bush didn't. End of story.

Romney Decides It’s More Politically Expedient Not to Ban the Press

Making flippy floppy
7/29/12 7:18:50 pm
re: #87 Ojoe By "Herbert Hoover" I believe you mean "FDR" since after all Obama inherted a huge recession while helping the economy improve under his watch, but not able to fix things fast enough all the same. In what ...

New Obama Web Ad: ‘Steadfast’

Facts about Obama’s support for Israel
91Patricia Kayden
7/30/12 4:44:41 pm
re: #18 sagehen Cheer up. I've seen polls that between 60-75% of Jews support Obama. I think all this Rightwing Christianist nonsense is scary to Jews (and even liberal Christians like me) and doesn't sell outside of the extreme conservative ...

Wacko Libertarian Group Compares Obama to Colorado Killer

Too far? Ya think?
7/28/12 6:03:21 pm
That's the nature of our First Amendment of the Constitution. Freedom of expression is an inherent right -- nowhere in the Bill of Rights does it have an asterisk with the following exclusion: " ... unless you are a racist ...