Creationists Get Influential Positions in Texas Science Textbook Review

Creationism never dies, it just smells funnier
8/01/13 1:31:04 pm
re: #122 Justanotherhuman A friend's Brit father was another who lied about his age, and was flying Thunderbolts at the age of 17 in the Battle of Britain. With typical British understatement, he indicated that if you proved you were ...

Remember the last time the religious right in Texas tried to sneak Christian creationism into public school science classes? Well, they’re back. Actually, they never went away, and the Republican anti-science religious fanatics on the State Board of Education are making another big play to influence the textbooks that teach …

NSA Chief Alexander: We Don’t Abuse Power, “And That’s No Bullshit”

“What you’re hearing is, ‘Well they could…’”
7/31/13 4:49:40 pm
re: #67 freetoken I dont think it was about Jones personally...they don't want an ATF director period. They haven't had one since 2006 when they made the position subject to Senate approval. The republicans hate the ATF. They will do ...

Greenwald’s Latest Article Distorts the Truth Again

Just search for “warrant” and you’ll find what Greenwald is trying to conceal under reams of rhetoric
8/01/13 2:38:41 am
Snowden himself did not say he "could" wiretap anyone but he claimed that he had the "authority" to wiretap anyone. That is not the same. And Greenwald is deliberately omitting that so it is not conflicting with the paragraph about ...

Outrage After Fox News Interview With ‘Zealot’ Author

Blatant Fox News bigotry
7/29/13 4:26:37 pm
re: #361 freetoken well, there it is. I don't profess to be a historical scholar (other than having a minor in history along with my master's degree in media communications) and really wouldn't recognize what you call a "pop book ...

Greenwald Claims Low-Level NSA Analysts Can Search Databases Without Oversight

7/28/13 7:30:01 pm
re: #83 gunnison They could possibly have a database of phone calls or something but the implication of what Greenwald is saying is in fact technically impossible because there isn't enough bandwidth to do it. They'd have to have their ...

Sir David Frost Interviews Buzz Aldrin: “Discovering the Moon”

7/27/13 8:05:15 pm
re: #17 ProTARDISLiberal Also, if your really wanted to go Balls to the Wall, you could invite various Nations to help participate monetarily and scientifically within NASA in exchange for seats on various missions. Canada is a good start. Then ...

Sarah Palin: I Was ‘Banned’ From Talking About Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers During 2008 Campaign

The bitterest woman in the world keeps droning on.
138Cardio (formerly JRCMYP)
7/27/13 8:41:19 pm
So, she's stirring up emotion to get donations just before an election year. Not that I think she's actually going to run, but, she does need to get more income. As for what she's said, well, she has nothing to ...