Video: The Most Disgusting Thing Donald Trump Has Said Yet

He keeps lowering the bar
7/30/16 7:13:41 pm
re: #149 dangerman You can add two more: You sold it/gave it to someone who shouldn't have one. You don't want "the government" to have a record of your gun ownership. I know, criminal intent and paranoia but two more ...
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Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Link to Alex Jones Website - a Ludicrous Fake Story, of Course

Like father, like son
7/28/16 10:25:33 pm
re: #404 whitebeach *snicker* Mary Stewart already did that, only it was a volcano... (The Wind Off The Small Isles) There is nothing new under the sun, to every writer's dismay

Photo of the Day: The Passing of the Torch

758Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel
7/28/16 12:17:41 pm
Carnival of ignorance at freep: This starts with an inflammatory and inaccurate headline from the Daily Fail: US 'spy plane' makes emergency landing in Russia after 'problem with its landing gear' This is one of the two OC-135Bs that operate ...