Monday Night Music: Keith Jarrett Trio: ‘With a Song in My Heart’

395Abu Al-Poopypants
8/31/09 11:46:10 pm
re: #4 HoosierHoops Could be my favorite band: Ralph Towner - guitar, keyboards Paul McCandless - woodwinds Glen Moore - bass Collin Walcott - percussion, sitar (died in 84) Trilok Gurtu - percussion (87-93) Mark Walker - drums (97-present) Conventional ...

Anti-Abortion Lawyer Plans to Argue Justifiable Homicide

513Land Shark
8/31/09 7:58:31 am
I know I'm late to this thread but I just had to comment. Gunning down abortion doctors is justifiable homicide? Man, these people are nuts. I'm strongly anti-abortion but this sure falls into the "things Jesus would NOT do" category. ...