Video: Inside the Violent World of the English Defense League

9/02/10 12:42:42 pm
re: #27 darthstar Late to proceedings, as ever.........but anyway....... I'm a skinhead. I'd not like to be saddled with any association with the neo-nazi brain donors who are the subject of the article, but the fact remains : I'm a ...

Newsweek: Geller Defends British Thugs Who Attacked Police, Blames Muslims

9/01/10 12:46:45 am
re: #36 researchok No one person ever speaks for all of us Jews. We're not exactly organized like many religions. One of our classic jokes is, "What do you have when you have 10 Jews in a room? 17 opinions." ...

Video: Interviews with the Beck Fans

700Charles Johnson
9/01/10 10:37:37 am
re: #699 Longacre Nonsense. That was about as far from Beck's message as it could be. He was sharing the stage with some of the most virulent historical revisionists in America, John Hagee and David Barton, and promoting a Christian ...

For Tim Blair, A Sincere Apology

8/31/10 4:36:11 am
re: #528 ClaudeMonet You're wrong. Every time a 59-41 or similar cloture vote takes place, and the minority of voters "win" that's a filibuster by default. Do you know how "Gentleman's rules" work? Take a look....

Report: Shots Fired Near Tennessee Mosque Site

886Aye Pod
8/30/10 11:58:40 am
re: #885 marjoriemoon I'm NOT disputing how long you are here; my point is quite simply that since both of us were already here when mandy joined, the length of time you have been here before that is irrelevant to ...