Obama Schedules Congressional Address During GOP Debate

With all due respect
9/01/11 9:39:47 am
re: #417 Timmeh Because he is weak. It is that simple. This is the same president who could have stopped the hemorrhaging of Democrats across the country last year by simply getting out front and defending his and their numerous ...

Federal Judge Orders Kansas to Restore Planned Parenthood Funding

The Republican Party loses another battle in their war on women’s rights
8/31/11 2:17:16 pm
re: #158 lostlakehiker I'd say yes to Jefferson siring a child with Hemings, but is there a particualr reason why you decided to post this question on a dead thread?

Federal Judge Throws Out Texas Sonogram Law

Republicans told to stay out of women’s uteruses
8/31/11 11:47:50 am
re: #962 laZardo So, what of all the world governments freezing Mubarak's assets? Or blocking/ending economic and military aid to Egypt? How about the efforts by the State Department to promote democratic reform in Egypt? None of this had any ...

Former Colin Powell Aide: Dick Cheney ‘Fears Being Tried As a War Criminal’

Shots fired
8/31/11 4:27:10 am
Torturers - especially the torturers in the employ of the state - are always on the level of the Stalin's USSR, if not Nazi Germany. No matter the excuse or motivation. Re-read Stalin's torture order, find 10 differences, try to ...

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer Calls for All 50 States to Criminalize Homosexuality

Gimme that ol’ time religious hatred
85Stephen T.
8/30/11 3:02:01 pm
re: #33 Dragon_Lady I've seriously contemplated moving to the Netherlands. I've actually begun a savings account for the express purpose of using it to get out of the U.S. if I ever feel that I can no longer call it ...

Was Michele Bachmann Kidding When She Said Hurricane Irene Was Sent by God?

She’s a cut-up
8/30/11 4:32:12 am
I got this from one of my FB friends: There was a wonderful series of interviews with church leaders a few years back after a swath of hurricanes went through Honduras. All were asked 'Why these terrible storms?' The local ...

Climate Change Denial Blogs in Fail Mode Again

Yet another scientific paper that doesn’t say what they think it says
111Atlas Fails
8/29/11 4:24:34 pm
re: #94 OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin Wow, that guy's site is treasure trove of batshit insanity. He hates atheists and Catholics, neither of which is surprising, but he seems to really have it in for Seventh Day Adventists, for some strange reason. And ...

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars): God Sent Hurricane Irene to Tell Us to Cut Spending

Good grief
8/29/11 9:44:41 pm
re: #376 Naso Tang Well, the "adherents" part is my term. But they do not scare me, because I scare them; their entire lifestyle revolves around devising various ways of suppressing folks like me. And I'm a person who would ...

Keith Jarrett Trio: Last Night When We Were Young / Caribbean Sky

8/29/11 10:19:26 am
re: #492 RogueOne Uh, no. Voucher is just a certificate for a sum of money the state has to pay an institution of the person's choice. Tax money still goes to a religious institution. Clear violation of separation. I don't ...

Climate Change Denier Patrick Michaels: ‘It’s Doubtful Irene Will Even Cough Up 8 Bodies’

Climate change deniers and libertarians rush to capitalize on imperfect predictions
8/29/11 11:58:49 am
re: #441 jayzee Very true, that first para. Sorry to hear about that injury, too. That infrastructure issue, though, I hope these states with budget-slashing governments pay attention.

Ron Paul Pines for the Good Old Days of the Galveston Hurricane

Dead end libertarian ideology defined
157Cardio (formerly JRCMYP)
8/28/11 6:58:39 pm
Okay, so, I get the "states rights" vs. "fed rights" argument generally when it it comes to localized disasters. But this was a multi-state disaster. And thankfully it didn't include 8 to 9,000 dead the way it did in 1900 ...