Video: Clint Eastwood’s Entire Improvised RNC Speech

The RNC’s most memorable moment
9/01/12 7:26:44 am
Typical Republican Party priorities -- style over substance. (Remember McCain's choice of running mate?) Romney gets Dirty Harry to speak to the crowd and never bothers to ask about the content of the actor's remarks. But apparently, the actual words ...

RNC Open Thread Eight: The Wrap-Up

Clint and the empty chair
8/31/12 11:07:49 am
re: #592 aagcobb No, he didn't. The bizarre thing where everyone is forced to pay private insurance for health care is not 'universal health care'. It's trying desperately to pretend that health care is a 'free market' thing. The fact ...

The Incredibly Brazen Lies in Paul Ryan’s Speech

Romney campaign: the most dishonest in US history?
109Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
9/01/12 2:13:44 pm
re: #106 robertmalthus Ryan put out a press release about the closing of the factory, saying he was hopeful that they might be able to find something else but, as it stood, they were closing.

2012 GOP Platform: The Tea Party’s Necronomicon

Brimming with crazy
9/01/12 7:04:56 am
We had a political party go similarly bat-shit here in England in the 1980s - it was our Labour party, to the left. Their manifesto (the British equivalent of a platform) was described - by one of their own MPs ...

National Review’s Advice for RNC Watchers: Ignore the Fact-Checkers

Mobilizing against reality
8/28/12 4:48:23 pm
re: #189 blueraven Contrary to many on this list: No. She gets as much slack as Michelle Obama has received, which is to say none from the opposition party and its supporters. I personally will refrain from racist and sexist ...

The Astounding Cynicism of Mitt Romney: Who Cares What Fact Checkers Say?

The art of the Big Lie
8/28/12 1:50:52 pm
They know that the vast majority of Americans literally do not know the difference between a fact and an opinion. Prove a wingnut wrong on something, show them that it is objectively not true, and what you’ll get back is ...