Texas Gov. Rick Perry Tweets Ugly Image, Deletes It, Then Says It Was “Unauthorized”

9/01/14 12:44:03 pm
re: #365 Gus oh, bullshit. Everyone knows that conservatives believe that sex is just icky, ICKY!!!

LGF contributor @Gus_802 has a saved copy of the ugly tweet posted by Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s account tonight: But, uh, Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg had nothing to do with his indictment… And then…

St. Louis Riverfront Times Seeks Juvenile Records of Officer Darren Wilson

8/31/14 7:53:00 am
re: #120 makeitstop Yes. Things have gone just swimmingly. On the home front, the economy has come back strong from the Bush recession. And on the international front, who could escape noticing how much better news of the world is ...

Friday Night Jam: Fountains of Wayne, Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart

Fighting off a cold, murdering a campfire song
8/30/14 12:26:11 pm
re: #211 FemNaziBitch If you had to live 700 years ago, you'd rather be Aztec or Maya than any kind of European. They had indoor plumbing (hot and cold), cocaine, tequila, chocolate and popcorn. (the ripping-your-still-beating-heart-from-your-chest thing didn't happen to ...

Update: St. Louis Post-Dispatch Is Trying to Get Michael Brown’s Juvenile Records

8/29/14 9:47:47 pm
re: #429 BeachDem He's a weird cat. Saw the tweet earlier where he fondly reminisced about listening to Rush with his grandmother when he was five. I feel bad that he lost his grandmother that young but at the same ...

Right Wing Blogger Chuck C. Johnson Claims the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Is “Working With” Him

Pure character assassination
302Charles Johnson
8/29/14 5:35:50 pm
Beginning to wonder how long right wingers and beltway media will continue blathering idiotically about Obama's tan suit. — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) August 30, 2014

About Obama’s “We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet” Statement; Don’t Fall for the Right’s Distortions

The rest of the story
8/29/14 7:33:00 am
I'm starting to think that conservatives are incapable of understanding or expressing anything that can't be explained in a sentence or a quick sound bite. Also, am I the only one who thinks the President looks pretty dapper in that ...

Breaking: Video Messaging Company Confirms Audio of Gunshots Captured at Time of Michael Brown Shooting

8/28/14 9:12:58 pm
re: #203 Mattand They won't hold a vote on impeachment. And if the leadership brought it to a vote, it would fail in the House. Republicans may be stupid, but even stupid cats won't sit on the same hot stove ...

Minnesota Police Tase and Arrest Black Man for Sitting in a Public Space

“Put your hands behind your back, otherwise it’s going to get ugly”
312Cardio (formerly JRCMYP)
8/30/14 5:45:25 am
re: #136 Sc0rp Dude. I'm a long-time reader/infrequent poster here. But I have to de-cloak to ask, what's your point? The post here that *you are commenting on* points up that racism leads to bad outcomes for black people in ...

Jon Stewart on Fox News’ Absolutely Horrible Coverage of Ferguson

Describing the actual facts of the case really does color the way we look at it
8/27/14 6:06:59 pm
re: #271 Charles Johnson I was out at Death Valley a few years back, and rented a 4x4 to do the off-road trip to Racetrack Playa. Photos don't ever do it justice. It was amazing. You see these rocks sitting ...

Ben Stein: Michael Brown Was Hopped Up On Marijuana and ‘Armed With His Incredibly Strong, Scary Self’

8/27/14 3:49:34 pm
So by Ben Stein's logic, if I see a heavyset, strong-looking, Gadsden-wearing dude in the street, I can shoot him because that man is armed and dangerous just by being a big, strong man? What say you, Lord Stein?

Jim Hoft, Dumbest Man on Internet and Master of Projection: Did CNN Get Duped?

“Did they do a background check on the attorney?”
262Deep State SuperElite Satinist
8/26/14 8:15:08 pm
re: #201 b_sharp Too many people can barely control heir cars on the ground, and you want them to fly? They actually did successfully build flying cars decades ago, but decided mass production would be a bad idea.