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White Supremacists Absolutely Loved Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Speech in Phoenix

9/01/16 11:31:50 am
re: #516 Sir John Barron You are asking for facts! Don't you know any better? / This is already accepted as the trooth* by the wing nuts and Trumpians. Even some in the media have used the words to hint ...

Just thought I’d take a run around the Twitter accounts of some of the more well-known white supremacists tonight, to see what they thought of Donald Trump’s utterly berserk anti-immigrant speech, and would you be surprised to learn that they all loved it?

Trump Fans Hold “Latino Outreach” Event in Los Angeles: “Operation Taco Bowl”

Freaking unreal
592Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
8/29/16 1:11:44 pm
re: #538 Varek Raith I gave up on the Daily Show because they had it too easy. No need to make jokes, just quote someone verbatim and then cut to John Stewart's reaction.

Sunday Jam: Joe Bonamassa Live at the Vienna Opera House: “Dislocated Boy”

Acoustically perfect
58The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
8/28/16 7:09:06 pm
re: #53 Joe Bacon They'll also have their alder-smoked salmon at events like Bumbershoot and the Street Food Festival and various street fairs like the U-District and Fremont.

Report: Trump Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon Didn’t Want His Daughter Going to School With Jews

The alt-right ideology goes all the way to the top
524Joe Bacon 🌹
8/27/16 2:07:35 pm
re: #221 Mattand I celebrated my 60th Birthday last January by taking a trip on Amtrak's Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Oakland and then taking the BART to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. I spent a weekend there and ...
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Trump’s Wacky Doctor Says He Wrote Health Letter in 5 Minutes

He’s healthier than all those other dead guys!
8/27/16 10:13:35 am
The way he is talking and holding himself it is evident he is ashamed of what he has done but is sticking to his story (for whatever reason). This doctor and his letter are bought and paid for by Trump. ...

White Supremacist Who Coined Term “Alt-Right” Demands Apology From Hillary Clinton

Poor little racist’s feelings are hurt
8/27/16 3:36:40 am
re: #210 Stanley Sea The HR game seems rife with pitfalls for the employer. I think there are a lot of rules and legalities that they have to follow to be impartial and meet requirements. I would not take it ...

Donald Trump Denies the Existence of the “Alt-Right”

605Jebediah, RBG
8/26/16 1:34:41 pm
re: #604 gwangung So I can only conclude Dinesh D'Felon is one a them godless heathen atheists, or somethin'! I'm not religious, but I can barely imagine how dismal the world would seem without the belief that people, even horrible ...