About That “Taxpayers Spent $1.4 Billion on Obama Family Last Year” Fake Outrage

9/28/12 10:27:46 pm
re: #45 Killgore Trout Sure, in an ideal world that sort of comment wouldn't be worthy of any real scrutiny and would be ignored, but in the context of Presidential elections, candidate mental health has a long history of being ...

The Latest Moronic Right Wing Racist Meme: The “Obama Phone”

Wingnut Land is a weird and ugly place
403Unshaken Defiance
9/28/12 2:50:54 pm
re: #389 JamesWI Okay so like any enterprise including well run news bureaus they get it wrong sometimes. I hear all about how Politifact is really just MSM via Tampa bay/Miami papers. But the mission matters. Those people are sitting ...

Video: Rachel Maddow on Romney’s Incessant Lying

The campaign of many Big Lies
9/27/12 8:59:39 pm
re: #369 Tigger2005 You've written quite a bit to dig into, and it's clear you've been reading some of the Jesus myth stuff out there (and there is quite a bit), but I want to encourage you to work out ...

American Family Association Caveman Bryan Fischer: ‘Too Early to Say’ Whether Obama’s the Antichrist

Wouldn’t want to jump the gun
9/27/12 1:05:34 pm
re: #110 Mich-again NFL game officials are graded by the NFL after each game. If there is a call made during a game which calls for further review; after the end of the game, a request is made for video ...

Quinnipiac/CBS/NYT Poll: Obama Has Big Leads in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Mitt Romney’s terrible week gets worse
9/26/12 2:56:10 pm
its amazing to me how delusional conservatives are these days. The polls clearly show Obama in the lead but if you go on conservative blogs and message boards they actually think the polls are intentionally biased and that Romney is ...