Pamela Geller’s Latest Anti-Muslim Ads Featuring Beheaded Journalist James Foley Are Pulled

Foley’s parents were disgusted and appalled
9/30/14 1:16:54 pm
re: #128 CriticalDragon1177 re: #238 CriticalDragon1177 Another update for you guys, PG1701, talks about how we "only discriminate" against Christians by not allowing people to discriminate against gay people, but still allowing Muslims to refuse to sell anything with pork ...

Breitbart Writer: Men Who Support Feminism Are “Sexually Frustrated Dickless Wonders”

9/29/14 11:29:37 am
re: #137 klys Stress can reach a point where rational thought just evaporates. American antiaircraft gunners shot up an American paratrooper drop in Sicily despite having been specifically warned and vehemently ordered to hold their fire. They'd been under German ...

Right Wing Parrots Launch Into Fear-Mongering Bigoted Frenzy Over Oklahoma Workplace Murder

Dependably bigoted
116Charles Johnson
9/28/14 4:19:51 pm
re: #115 Roger S "Inspired by ISIS?" Who knows? Maybe; beheadings have been all over the news lately, so maybe he was copycatting what he saw on TV. But "terroristic?" Not even remotely. He was a disgruntled ex-employee with a ...

Bachmann Calls for Religious War Against Islam: “Kill, Kill, Kill”

“Yes Mr. President, it is about Islam!”
9/27/14 5:18:16 am
for those who want to install statues of the Ten Commandments everywhere on all public property they sure do have a problem with at least one of these commandments. Well, two for sure. Bearing False Witness is simply par for ...