Eerie #8, March 1967, ‘Demon Sword’

11/01/10 2:19:56 pm
re: #25 SanFranciscoZionist Because he's a black muslim socialist, duh!

As Halloween perpetrates its Satanic evil on the neighborhoods of America, here’s Eerie #8, released in March 1967, featuring another mind-warping cover painting by the great Frank Frazetta titled “Demon Sword.”

Slideshow: Signs from the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear

277Unshaken Defiance
11/01/10 3:26:05 pm
re: #268 Obdicut No, it's not 100 to 1. But this page I put up has a study on drugs relative harm, albeit from another perspective. I seem to keep finding stuff a day later about things we chat about ...

Wingnuts Reject Science (Again)

219Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
11/01/10 2:44:04 am
Occurred to me last night: Beck was one guy with a rally, Stweart and Colbert held combined rallies, so one would have to divide their totals by 2, and deducting for fudging and the denser packing of the Beck participants ...

Photo of the Day: I Fought Nazis, And They Don’t Look Like Obama

10/31/10 1:39:44 pm
re: #105 Alouette Why is pro Palestinian a bad thing? Can you not be pro Palestine and pro Israel? Or to be pro Israel do you have to be anti Palestine? There has to be a two state solution right? ...

PersonhoodUSA’s Radical, Fetal-Separatist Agenda

10/30/10 10:46:23 am
Hi,I practically never comment, but this bill is so crazy I just have to . Did anyone mention that this is the "moral equivelency" of the rightwing and it's the one "equal rights movement" they support wholeheartedly. Also they cannot ...

Chris Coons: Gawker’s Article is ‘Despicable’ and ‘Cowardly’

225Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
10/30/10 11:01:10 am
re: #212 Claire When did I, or anyone here, call any Republican any of these things? They're just extremely misguided people who either don't realize what the Republican Party has become, or think imposing religious beliefs on others is a ...