Another Hotel Turns Away Pamela Geller’s Bigot Brigade

The shrieking harpy has a bad week
10/27/11 7:16:51 am
re: #276 HoosierHoops {{{HoosierHoops}}} - I'm so sorry about your dad. Mine was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has gone into his liver. Starts chemo next week. I understand how heartbreaking it is.

Hate-Monger Fjordman Back to Writing After Breivik Furor Declines

The eternal darkness of the bigot mind (or, Robert Spencer as the Walrus)
115Charles Johnson
10/27/11 6:07:07 pm
re: #111 Peter_P3 Maybe you should make the effort to think for yourself, and actually read what Jensen writes. Or maybe you agree with his white nationalist hate speech.