FBI Says AZ Attorney General Tom Horne Clipped Car, Drove Off to Hide Affair

It is unclear what impact this will have on his ability to continue to serve as Attorney General.
11/03/12 1:46:02 pm
Tom Horne resigned from the ADL because the Arizona Regional board, of which he was a member, took a stand against the measure that outlawed Mexican American Studies.

FBI Says Horne Clipped Car, Drove Off to Hide Affair The federal investigators were tailing Horne in the course of their investigation of Horne for allegations of campaign finance violations. You can read more about Tom Horne’s history with Carmen Chenal here. Tom Horne is one of the main players …

Video: Aerial View of NJ Coast After Hurricane Sandy

A look at a small part of the disaster
330Feline Fearless Leader
10/31/12 4:10:46 am
re: #278 HappyWarrior And if you've read this stuff and how the blood spilled in the American Civil War would be sopped up by a handkerchief you probably looked on the "We will be greeted as liberators" crap leading up ...

The Shady Past of Mitt Romney’s Chief Strategist

Connections to authoritarian regimes in Albania and Congo
10/30/12 7:34:18 pm
re: #221 Reverend Mother Ramallo I still own the books. Heir to the Empire came out in 1991, Dark Force Rising in 1992, and The Last Command in 1993. I first came across Heir to the Empire at a bookstore ...

Ex-FEMA Director Michael Brown: Obama Reacted to Hurricane Sandy Too Quickly

Irony meter pegged
10/31/12 4:35:18 am
Is their some recondite message contained within this most idiotic statement? Too quick to deal with a monster hurricane colliding with a cold front??? He clearly blabs out bullshit which doesn't originate in his cerebral cortex. A friend of mine ...

NJ Gov. Christie Praises Obama’s Response to Hurricane Sandy: “Outstanding”

But he’ll pay for this
10/30/12 9:19:00 pm
re: #23 Kragar Governor Christie must seem very puzzling to the people at Fox "News". A politician who's actually interested in governing? A politician who has something on his mind other than horse-race politics? That does not compute.

Overnight Jam: ‘93 Million Miles’- Jason Mraz, Daryl Hall

You can always come back home
581Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
10/30/12 11:05:52 am
re: #565 Mostly sane, most of the time. Any way he goes about it, he's really not helping as much as he thinks he is. The Red Cross is organized and prepared. A spur-of-the-moment bit of opportunism from Romney is ...

New Obama TV Ad: Collapse - “Wrong Then, Dishonest Now”

The D word makes an entrance
10/29/12 10:51:16 pm
There is no alternative for Obama: he must clearly and plainly talk about the elephant in the room: Mitt Romney's lying. Obama must talk about it, not just once, and not just in a single TV ad. If Obama does ...

Mitt Romney Busted for Lying by Chrysler

Mitt’s mendacious fantasies
131wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam
10/29/12 7:04:39 pm
re: #53 b_sharp The lyrics are poking fun at the nouveau riche of S Korea. One of the tonier neighborhoods of Seoul is called Gangnam. The Christian Science Monitor had an article about it, as have other American media.

Romney at Private Fundraiser: Obama Thinks Businesspeople Are ‘Evil’

As his wife blows the racist dog whistle
61Patricia Kayden
10/30/12 12:42:48 pm
@24 Charles Johnson, It will be very disheartening if Romney is able to win despite running such a dishonest and racially hostile campaign. Would send a message to other Republicans that they can go hog wild with the dog whistles ...

S. Dakota GOP Ad: The Down-Home Farm Girl vs. the Effete Tree Hugging Librul

Appealing to the dumb
10/28/12 1:23:07 pm
re: #180 dragonath Oh, god no...do you know what that much cholesterol does to a balrog's arteries?! The Jersey Shore cast drip with suntan lotion and hair product, but most of that is metabolically inert...